About Us

The Period Pick-Me-Up is a 100% woman-owned start-up. Whenever possible, the products inside of our boxes are sourced from other women-owned businesses – global and domestic. Connecting with the scrappy solopreneurs and talented artisans who create the majority of our box contents is one of the many unexpected joys of operating Pick-Me-Up.

Our founder, Katie Krick, lives in Michigan with her husband, stepson, daughter, and highly social cat, all of whom are enthusiastic supporters of #periodpositivity (except the cat). She says that she would have stayed in her career as an insurance agent forever if someone else just would have made their own version of Pick-Me-Up for her to buy. She also says that she is very glad they didn’t because founding this business has changed her life in innumerable ways, all for the better.

She is most grateful that the start-up adventure has deepened her relationships with her friends – incredible, talented women who have inspired her, helped to shape the mission of the company, and make her laugh just slightly more often than they make her cry.

The Krick family.
The Krick family (cat not pictured).