Founder's Letter

The Period Pick-Me-Up founder, Katie.

Hi, I’m Katie.

For years, whenever my period arrived, I would wish there was a company out there that could deliver to me what I really wanted to receive while I was cramping away: just a little acknowledgement. There had to be a way to order some materialized empathy, didn’t there? Buying myself a present that coincided with an internal organ molting and shedding through my vagina on a repetitive schedule honestly didn’t seem like a luxury as much as some very well-deserved self-care.

When I stopped to think about how much work my body does as it menstruates, and the extent to which my cycle affects my daily life, it seemed more and more insane that there wasn’t already a subscription box on the market that I could order, for the sole purpose of acknowledging that work. After all, the human species depends on menstruation to perpetuate itself.

Isn’t the menstrual experience itself worth at least a little bit of appreciation and respect?

So, I shopped. I inquired. I waited. I bled into my menstrual cup while I buttered my toast like it wasn’t a complete miracle that I could do such a mundane thing while my uterus underwent yet another demolition in the background.

I started talking with my friends more candidly and scratched my head, wondering why such a subscription didn’t exist yet. It would be so simple to do, I said. It would be a box, curated like a care package made by a friend – filled with nice things that help pick you up when you’re feeling down. Why couldn’t this be done?

The Period Pick-Me-Up founder, Katie, and her daughter.

Well… it’s been one not-so-simple year – but I am incredibly proud to say that The Period Pick-Me-Up is now on the market.

We are propelled forward by the belief that women deserve to menstruate comfortably within a society that supports them.

Our unique mission is to help women everywhere create a better period experience for themselves. Receiving a Pick-Me-Up box is a powerful way for women to start to build this perspective into their lives.

I hope you join me in changing the narrative – for ourselves, for our communities, and for women everywhere.