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We get it - you're a powerhouse, constantly balancing competing priorities. Here's how we can make it easy for you to prioritize having a better period, and why that matters:

As a menstruator, you will spend an average of 6-8 total years of life in an active state of bleeding. If your periods were divided into a 9-5 workday, your lifetime periods would span a twenty-five-year career. (Double that, if you're impacted by PMS).

That is so. Much. Time.

Time is your most precious commodity, and it shouldn't be compromised by bad periods - or by sifting through endless options, trying to find relief. The Period Pick-Me-Up saves you time AND improves your quality of life by bringing solutions, indulgences, and support right to your doorstep, because we believe:

Practical luxury + problem solving = a better period, and

a better period = a better life.

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