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The Period Pick-Me-Up

Pick-Me-Up Box

Pick-Me-Up Box

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The formula for a better period is simple: practical luxury + problem solving. The ingredients are in this box.

We work with period product innovators to bring you samples of their best products for fix your bloating, hormone imbalance, heavy bleeding, and more.  We pair that with luxury spa items sourced from fair-trade, women-owned businesses, and we add in some chocolate for good measure. 

Every month, the items inside are new and different.  You can try just one, or you can subscribe to put "fix period" on autopilot, too.  Real rockstars go right for the bundle, because the less time and money they spend, they better. 

Practical luxury + problem solving = a better period.  At the Period Pick-Me-Up, we know that a better period = a better life.

 You can order everything else that you want.  Now, you can order a better period, too. 

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